Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John has got the speed wobbles!

We have seen it all before. When Labour was in its third term, they started to come apart. It seems that no matter who is in power that we as voters get fatigued. I don’t know what it is that sets the wobbles off, but that is exactly what happens. Is it an arrogance that sets in? ----a ‘we know best so shut the f--- up’ and let us get on with our job,’ or is it a more kindly ‘trust us; we know what we’re doing?’
Either way--- all parties, stop treating us like idiots. Watching Johnny and his cohort stutter their way through the last week has been a mixture of the ridiculous and the ugly. Johnny looks strained and his ministers have the appearance of a possum caught in the lights of a Land Rover on the Desert Road and the chilled response from the electorate is showing up in the polls.
We have seen Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First attack the Government and some of the speakers are starting to show some real class. However, they need to show us that they are more than just words. Let’s see some ideas. Get out there and tell us what you would do. We don’t want to hear the same old crap we usually hear. We need a vision that we can believe in. This is your chance--- take it!

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