Saturday, June 30, 2012

I wish they had a GPS system for dogs' balls!

Yes, I know that the title desperately needs further explanation, although there would be those amongst you would take the title literally and apply it to some of the men you have in your life. This blog is of an entirely different nature--- it concerns Perdy my Jack Russell.
I buy these orange balls with a blue stripe for my dog. They are almost indestructible (even for her) and they have a great bounce. Perdy spends a great deal of time chasing them when I use one of those throwing devices. I no longer have the throwing ability of my youth and I wouldn’t even try skipping a stone across a river. I long ago gave up on the cheaper versions because Perdy can deconstruct them in a matter of minutes, so it’s the expensive ones for me. The cost of two balls is about $23.
Maybe you think that’s a good deal, considering that they last so much longer. The trouble is--- you would be wrong in making that assumption. Yes they last in terms of being very hardy, but it is other factors in the ‘park experience’ that create hazards for these bright little balls.
Other dogs also like them, so expect to spend a good deal of your time, retrieving your balls from other dogs. Sometime their owners are nothing but unforthcoming about helping in the retrieval. Maybe they think that if their dog keeps it for a certain number of minutes, then it’s a bit like the old serfdom law about if you stayed free for set number of days, then you were a free man/woman. Either way, it is very frustrating when these doggie daddies and mummies are so uncaring. I bet their dogs end up with social agencies involved in their lives and risk losing their loved ones to the State.
If I throw the said balls into the water down at Onehunga, I risk other hidden dangers like the current. One should always ascertain whether the tide is going in or out before embarking on the adventure. Make a wrong decision and expect to wave goodbye to your loved ball under the motorway. Just pray that doggies don’t follow.
Perdy likes to share--- up to a point. She has a few friends whom she likes to play ball-catch-chase-goobie etc. with. Anyone else doesn’t get a look in. Indeed Perdy will hissy fit for about three seconds if anyone else trys it on. If you know Jack Russells, you will know what I mean. Just try to imagine a dog on steroids--- that’s her. Indeed, the pet shop asked me what I fed her and I said anything she wants. You see, Perdy looks like a doggie body-builder. It’s all the crazy running she does.
Today I was most annoyed. Perdy and Patch, good her mate managed to lose the second ball in a week, in the same area. They took the ball into the trees and flaxes and I’m buggered if we could find it. I guess some other lucky sod will score a pair of barley chewed balls.
This is where my desire to have balls fitted with GPS systems comes in. It would save so much gnashing of teeth and tears from the dogs. Oh yes--- they get quite miffed when the balls go missing. So hurry up one of you and invent such a system. I shall trial it for free.

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