Monday, June 18, 2012

Could you live in an apartment in Auckland City?

About 50,000 people live in apartments in the central Auckland area. Could you do that? I guess there are advantages and more negative aspects to inner-city living, especially the sort suspended high above the streets.
Not surprisingly the median age is around 26, indicating high student (part-time and fulltime) occupancy rates. The proximity of their choices for study are an obvious draw-card and the buzz of inner-city attractions another.
A recent study has found that many of the residents (29%) are Chinese. We know that language-study students have chosen to study in Auckland in high numbers and they like to be at the centre of things. New Zealand born residents are also at the high 20% level.
A feature of the apartment dwellers is the very high level of transiency. The average occupancy time is barely two years, indicating a massive turn-around. Any sense of community would be very hard to develop and maintain.
I can see a few more hooks too. I love to keep my feet on the ground. The idea of being unable to have anything more than a few pots containing flowers and herbs would just not do. Then there is the question of leaving a dog alone all day. Even when one did return home, a doggie-off-the-lease area would be quite some distance away. I doubt that letting a Jack Russell run loose in Albert Park would gain me any friends.
I have often wondered what the noise levels are for living in an apartment. Some of those buildings have hundreds of tenants. I suppose with the majority of them being young, tolerance levels are also high. The very idea of one of those thumping ‘drive you mad’ base woofers would change me into a maniacal Ninja. I cannot abide loud ‘bassy’ music, when I am trying to sleep.
The only features that would attract me would be the closeness of fabulous restaurants and the waterfront, with its gateway to the Hauraki Gulf and islands. But apart from that, I will keep my feet firmly grounded somewhere on Dominion Road.

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