Friday, May 25, 2012

Piha---damn silly directions!

In the interest of keeping a peaceful neighbourhood, I decided to take Perdy to Piha--- the beach of ‘Piha Rescue’ fame, or to put it another way, ‘As seen on TV.’  Perdy knew something was different once we headed off in a direction quite new to her. However, even though I have been to Piha many times, I simply got lost.
When I passed the Titirangi (Don’t you love our place names, my overseas readers?)  I was faced with the directions at the first roundabout. That was OPK, but ZI was soon confused as to whether I was on the correct road. I asked a nice man walking his doggie (Perdy asked his dog too, because they were definitely communicating) and got the right pathway.
It has to be said, that for a beach as famous as Piha, the direction signage is not good enough. Hey ‘people who are in charge of signage!’---- get your act together and make the signs more user friendly. That means make sure that drivers are well warned before they come to turn-offs etc.  Surely I’m not the only thicko here and I’m a native Kiwi and have lived in Auckland for most of my life.
OK--- rant over. Perdy was in heaven. She loved running along the black sand and meeting new dogs. It’s always the same. You meet new dogs and have a chat with every owner. What a cool place to live or have a holiday---- Piha, especially North Piha is very dog friendly. Was Perdy exhausted after her outing----?   Of course not. She demanded her usual 3pm walk down at Onehunga Bay. Finally, I think she is stuffed. Mmmm--- Ham Hock and split- pea soup for dinner with home-made scones.

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