Friday, May 25, 2012

Finally--- my new website is being designed!

Yes, finally I have met with my website designer. We are on track for getting a new domain name (only slightly different) and once I have started reprinting my books, I will be up and running. I may have to make some changes to the covers and possibly get new ISBN numbers, but that won’t take long. I will be only having small print runs to start off, but if the books sell, I will be able to cut the price as the more I print, the cheaper it is per book. I will be upfront about that so you will know I am not ripping anyone off; that’s not my style.
I will be slowing down the release of my books online through my blog. Don’t you reckon you have had a fair amount of freebies?  My books will be available using the PayPal link on the website, anywhere in the world.
I am looking forward to feeling more positive about the self-publishing experience. I sure have learnt heaps. From now on it will be more under my control, with help when and where I need it. I look forward to you all buying my books and continuing to read my blogs.

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