Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kindle then a smartphone--- how am I going?

I don’t take kindly to new technology as many of you know. How am I going? Well--- it is not a total disaster----- Firstly the Kindle.
I just love it. I download a book every week and so far I only spend about $3 each time. Obviously I am not going for the latest big seller releases. For example I haven’t downloaded a Clive Custler—I go for the small time writers and I am enjoying them. They even have mistakes—just like me. Perhaps they can’t afford a good editor.
The whole process of getting to know and use my Kindle has inspired me to get my books on eventually. I know I am releasing them on my blog, but having the whole document would be better. I haven’t forgotten my hard cover readers from the library or paperback best sellers from time to time, but it is pretty obvious where the market is going. I am no longer one who sticks to the old and tried.
I also entered the world of the smartphone last week. Just look at my blog about Vodafone and you will get the picture about the ‘service' deferential between two Vodafone shops--- amazing!
I am learning a little more each day about different applications and the best teachers so far have been the students at school. I envy the way they navigate their way in such a nonchalant manner and they are very gentle with me. I reckon they get quite a buzz from helping me. I suppose they will want me to make their afterschool detentions go away!  No such luck kidos.
I am hoping to get some good vidflows about Perdy and her crazy antics down at the park soon and then I shall stick them on Utube with a link to my blog. I don’t think I can stick them on here though--- maybe one of you reading this on Facebook can tell me otherwise.
OK--- I am getting used to the smartphone and Kindle--- What’s next?

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  1. I am not going well with my smartphoone--- I need lessons. Weird things happen and I seem to have a bigger bill than what I ocntracted for. Oh shit--- I think I will give it bacvk and take the loss. I was dumb anyway thinking that the phone was free-- like hell--- by the time I pay my monthly fee (&70) --- well do the maths--- I culd have bought the phone stuff all nanyway and gone on preplay. NOthing like an old fool eh