Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guilty as charged!

Guilty—yes she is this time or I am. Perdy decided to go out the cat door at 5.30 this morning. I was in the shower and I heard her barking her head off. “Damn,” I thought, “that’s gonna bring our phantom complainant out of the woodwork.”
I completed my shower and had my breakfast. By this time the birthday girl (yip--- she’s 2 today) was sitting quietly inside after having her second breakfast.
I left for work at 6.50 and there it was--- a note jammed in the front gate. As usual there was no indication of who had penned it. As usual it contained threats about ringing dog control and the SPCA.
The writer was correct in her (I still think I know who wrote it) accusations this time and I shall make sure that Miss Perdy does not get out and sing to the neighbourhood. I am not an irresponsible dog owner or a cruel one like she said last time.
Hell, if the lady would only leave contact details, I would apologise to her and make amends. Yes, I would offer her one or both of my books and I would tell her what I am trying to do to alleviate the problem. Unfortunately, it is very hard to do this when the complainant is so bloody cowardly not to come and chat face to face. I’m hardly a scary monster and I won’t even let Perdy bite her.

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