Monday, May 28, 2012

Go and try teaching Mr Key and MS Parata!

I wish that John Key and Ms Parata would go and try teaching and see what a ‘few extra’ kids in a classroom would be like. They have no idea of the real world of teaching. They quote dubious research that backs up that it is teacher quality rather than class size that is most influential on educational outcomes.
It is easy to make research fit political objectives. Why can’t they just ‘fess up’ and admit that the only goal they aspire to is to cut spending. No amount of platitudes and straight out lies can cover up the real aim of tier policies. Hell--- they have had to backtrack several times lately, once they feel the wrath form principals and teachers at the chalk board.
The National Government is wreaking havoc and risks undoing hard won gains for our children that have taken years to achieve. If they think that teachers are going to meekly accept their dangerous change in conditions for teachers and students, then they will soon find out that they have woken the most potent alliance in New Zealand society--- teachers and parents united!

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