Monday, April 30, 2012

My 3 books online at the moment--- What's happening?

I am not totally sure about the numbers of people reading my 3 books ---
 1) ‘Roskill,’
2) ‘The River Always Flows’ and ‘Talk To Me.’
2) Talk To Me.’
It looks like about 12 people are consistently reading them, but I cannot be sure. I want to get the numbers up a bit before posting the next instalments.
I will also be making them available in hard print an eBook form at some stage.
I doubt that you will be able to source ‘Roskill,’ or ‘Coastal Yarns,’ at bookstores as the ex-publisher informed me that her business has closed. The sites online may be old ones. I guess that means I can kiss goodbye any royalties due to me.  Oh well--- that’s why I am doing tis despite, the reluctance on the part of my readers to click on the adverts. (it won’t cost you anything). I shall keep up my blogging and see where things go from here.
 Thanks for supporting my site.

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