Monday, April 30, 2012

John Banks, John Key, DotCom, Gillard, and Slipper

It is almost funny when you look at those names (I’m not sure if I have the slippery character’s name correct). What is the link between them all?
It seems that there is a right mess, although the effects at this stage may differ between the different ‘stars.’ Take the John Banks affair. If he wants to mix it with people who are having ‘difficulties ‘ with the authorities, in two or more countries, then he should not expect to come out squeaky clean. Watching him wriggle around on TV on Sunday morning was enough to get us all wondering what has been going on. I say wonder, because I wouldn’t dare accuse him of anything.
Then his political bedfellow must be shaking his head in despair too. So far his golden locks have been untouched by anything thrown his way. One would have thought the polls would start to show some volatility at his handling of some key issues of late; but no--- he keeps on either rising or holding back the tide. When the dam finally bursts, he is going to get one hell of a shock and we haven’t seen our Johnny boy yet in those circumstances. Watch for the flailing and blustering then.
Now take his counterpart in Australia. Yes it is a different party in power, but when the shite hits the fan, it doesn’t matter what party you are in. Young Julia must be wondering what the hell else can jump up and bite her. Maybe there is so much happening in the land of ‘politicOZ’ that she had become immune to it al. If it’s not a ‘leaking’ or a sex scandal or a stroppy opposition leader—then it will be something else.
What Julia has in common with our Key man is the choice of political bed mates---- bad choices, born out of necessity and the desire to hold onto power. Not that Johnny is in any imminent danger of losing an election here, but the time will come when people will not put aside the indiscretions and the worm will turn. It always does. In the meantime we will look forward to more entertaining snippets, coming out on a regular basis. Such is politics and the love of power.

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