Thursday, April 12, 2012

James Cameron

I just heard that James Cameron, with films like Titanic and many others behind him, is heading to NZ, not for a holiday but to live. He is reported to have New Zealand citizenship in his sights.
Usually I have said that it is not right that the rich can buy their way into our beautiful country, but in his case, I have flipped my thoughts. I say come--- bring your talent and ideas and get together if you wish with that NZ icon, Peter Jackson. Somehow I think you can only add to the talents and wealth of NZ. I can’t wait to see the wonderful films you will make here and provide jobs for NZers.
Your ‘green’ credentials also bode well for wherever you settle. If it is true that you have the Featherstone area as a place you may settle, then that is good too.
Welcome to NZ. You have much to contribute.

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