Monday, April 16, 2012

I suspect I have more relations in England (and possibly Scotland) than I have in Australia

I am most pleased to see the numbers of hits on my blogs going up in the UK. I know I have a wonderful brave niece there, who reads my blogs. I miss her, but for various reasons she can’t come home yet.
I know that there are bound to be many relations who I have not had any contact with. That is because the on the COLEMAN side, the connection goes back 5 generations, somewhere in the Birmingham area perhaps. Other names that come into this are POTS (maybe with 2 t’s) and BROUGHTON. One my mum’s side the heritage has a SCOTTISH connection and that happened al little later than the COLEMAN side.
The COLEMAN’S went to Nelson and then spread their wings to the Marton area north of Wellington, Wanganui and the Taranaki (Eltham—Te Roti). My family came to Auckland in the early 1960’s. So there you have it--- a little about me.
I am not sure about the connections I may have in Australia other than that a nephew lives there now--- he has brought one of my books so I hope he reads this and gets in touch.  
There is also a connection with Tasmania, the State that is most like NZ, minus the snakes and other nasties. I think that Tasmania also bears the brunt of some of the silly ‘big brother’ jokes that NZ receives constantly. I wish to travel there some time. My dad had a cousin who came from Tasmania and he and his family (I think the James) lived near our farm, down by the railway that ran on the border of our farm. I think the name Gulliver rings a bell somewhere in my distant memory. Aunty Ida married this man.
I know I give my Aussie friends a bit of stick just like they do to us. They say that IT is NZ’s sense of inferiority that feeds into this rivalry. Occasionally it spills over beyond the sports field, but as I have said before--- whenever NZers and Aussies are together overseas, we unite and almost act as one, so what does that tell you--- we are just squabbling siblings at heart.


AS OF 12.16PM 17TH APRIL 2012
New Zealand------2900   hits
USA     --------------2054
Russia --------------254

Other countries---Brazil, Indonesia, India and other single hits from everywhere.
Total now---- 5420 and growing.
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