Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ANZAC Day Lunch menu--and UPDATE---x2(at bottom)

Today, after walking PERDY I am cooking a lunch for some family and dear friends. I will leave the Maori Channel on because I believe that they do the best and most sensitive coverage of this day.
Here’s the menu.
I large lamb roast that we paid way too much for (NZ$45).
1)      Make some deep slashes on both sides
2)      Place rosemary sticks in the slashes
3)      Cover the lamb with roughly chopped garlic and fresh chilli.
4)      Scatter my preserved lemons around the roast.
5)      Salt and pepper to taste.
6)      Cook slowly at about 160c for about 90 minutes then boost the temperature to  200c for five minutes. Let it stand for at least 10m minute before carving.
7)      Make a gravy form the juices (fat drained out).
Roast all your favourite veggies in a separate pan or dish—I just coat them in oil salt, pepper and mixed dried herbs. Cook them for about 30-40 minutes.
Steam some broccoli and cauliflower or any greens.
Dessert:  make a jam rolly polly (see my ‘Dead Cat Pie blog’) Substitute the jam for lemon curd and make the butter sauce with some lemon juice to boost the flavour. Serve of course with hokey Pokey ice-cream.

Have a thoughtful and wonderful day--- we had a good NZ bubbly with a French one.

I can only say that the lemon rolly polly (Dead cat's Pie) was superb. We used a good quality Barkers Lemon Curd. It was still a cheap dessert and for those who love the taste of lemon, I am sure you will love it.
The lamb was tender and well worth the money. My friends and familly all went home well satisfied. I needed the walk at the bay and I can assure you that dinner was very light---cheese sandwich. Perdy didn't bother with dinner--- she had more than her share during the day.

I stuck some Drambuie on the accompanying ice-cream on the left overs tonight-- Wow-- not for the kids but definitely a pleasant lift for this old fart!x2

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