Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thanks for Miranda, Mother England!

FIRST IT WAS Little Britain, and I am forever grateful for that. (We have all the DVD’s). Then it was Katherine Tate (I ain’t bovered!). OK, there are so many great Brit comedies and it’s hard to say which would be my favourite. I never get sick of seeing reruns. If I need a laugh, I hit the UK TV channel, and inevitably there will one of my crazy British shows on.
Lately, I am again drafted to yet new heights of enjoyment. There is a new ‘girl on the block.’ Who could possibly come even near to the afore mentioned ‘treasures?’ Well there is someone----MIRNADA!
She’s nuts, she’s funny, she’s---- well she’s like someone who represents a bit of us all. Miranda lets us look at ourselves. She exemplifies our fears, our dreams and says what we all think. If that means being non-PC, then she’s a star. I love the way she lets us in to her inner thoughts--- draws us in with those naughty eyes and makes us feel that yes--- It’s fine to be scared, shy and enjoy the little things, even the stupid aspects of our lives. She normalizes being a little mad, sad and then to take something that is way out of our comfort zone and make it alright.
She makes us feel OK about ourselves, be it physical, emotional or any other ‘al.’ She makes fun of the relationships within families, but expresses it in a way that tells us that--- many of us share the experiences she portrays in her shows; she makes it all OK---- just laugh, cry or scream.
Miranda takes the everyday and turns it into a drama; a drama that could easily replicate the events and relationships in our lives. The way she ‘talks’ to the camera is oh so Shakespearean. Her style would not be strange to an audience in the Globe Theatre, all those many years ago, albeit with a more archaic language. Perhaps her subject matter would also ring true.
I know that Miranda will never read this, but my overwhelming wish would be for her to come to New Zealand and share her wonderful wit with us.
What a dream---- I would be in the front row, taking in those mischievous eyes and laughing till I hurt. It’s been a while since that happened---- live.

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