Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't eat sugar! (should this be Fat bugger--part 6?

It seems that there’s always a new bit of advice or programme when it comes to weight-loss, but I was really impressed by the latest release. An Australian guy (an ex- national Rugby player) was claiming that he had taken the advice of that research and given up sugar---totally. Wow! Did it work? Well, yes it did. He was about 144Kilos and he lost around 30kilos pretty quickly. He looked good and claimed to feel better from the day he gave it up. I would like him to reappear in about a year to see if he has maintained this very strict regime. Now lets look at what this implies--- the giving up of sugar.
I think I am on fairly solid ground if I make the claim that our body does not need refined sugar. I am not talking about giving up fruit here. Think of all of the processed products you buy (yes – me too) that contain sugar. Damn it ---- it is in nearly everything, even our daily bread. So how do we get a diet? (shit--- I used the word I said I wouldn’t in my ‘Fat Bugger’ series. It’s OK--- This is not officially in the series—lol--- that’s a ‘let-off’ if ever one was needed).
Take a look at the packets of food you buy, or the tins. I challenge you to find many (or any!) that do not contain sugar in some form or another. It may even be labelled in a way that you do not recognise. I’m sure we all know the obvious ones, like ice-cream, chocolate etc., but what about the cereals and noodles? Honestly, once you start looking, you will get one hell of a shock.
So what does your food intake look like if you dump the sugar? I suspect that it would mean ‘deconstructing' your food. It would mean almost nothing processed. It would have you going back to basics. Instead of going to the tinned section or packet foods (for want of a better word), try designing a few meals to start with, where you buy all of the ingredients, separately. That way, you are in control. Lets take an example, a simple one--- steak, chips (fries) and salad with dressing. It is not a particularly challenging meal, but it is a good way to illustrate my point.
You can marinade the steak but don’t use any sauces containing sugar. (OK—vinegar, but check the label, dry mustard powder, chilli-flakes, a little salt and garlic). Now for the chips. Cut the potatoes to any shape you want --- the bigger the better, and use cracked pepper, herbs (dry is best, but if you use Rosemary, use fresh), and a little olive oil. Mix it all in a plastic bag to coat the chips and bake them in the oven until crisp.
Now the salad.  Take any salad ingredient---- leafy greens, grated veggies, seeds and whatever else takes your fancy--- nothing from a packet, unless you are sure it is sugar free. It is the dressing that you buy that contains hidden sugar, so make your own. Use Olive oil, lemon juice (or lime), cracked pepper, any fresh herbs and if you must—salt. The possibilities are endless.
Now, go and enjoy. Continue in the same manner and I am sure you will get used to the extra effort involved in your ‘sugar free’ food intake. Maybe you are saying---‘but what about you? Are you going to practise what you preach?
Find out------ and please give some feedback.

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