Monday, January 2, 2012

Dog food

Today I decided to make up my own dog food for Perdy. She gave  a new role in her Cabinet and given the way all the other humans have gone----to Australia mainly, I thought, what the hell. She said that she wanted to give up on the processed food and that she now wanted ‘natural food.’
So the afternoon consisted of trailing through the internet, looking at various ‘recipes.’ I began with a simple version, consisting of mince, garlic (loads of it), rice, potatoes and some frozen veggies—Watties of course. I cooked it all up in the pressure cooker and then added some ketchup at the end. Yes--- the recipe said to do that and I must admit, it did take it away from the bland taste. OK--- I ADMIT IT--- I TRIED IT--- THE SMELL WAS GREAT AND IT WAS ALL FRESH, SO WHY NOT.
I was silly enough to put it all up on Facebook so now I have people thinking that I’ve lost it! Maybe I should suggest that if anyone is reading my silly stories about Perdy and her ‘election win,’ then I’m in good company.
For the record, I will try out different recipes from as many sources as I can.
Perdy loved the end product, but then again--- she will eat almost anything.
Right I am off to deliver her seconds. She said she is doing an ‘all-nighter,’------something about preparing a speech for the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Canberra. Maybe I better make up some freezer packs. Now, I better go and turn the light off--- she fell asleep on the sofa.

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