Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Perdy Speaks

"Neil has asked me to talk to you about my latest moves in the political world. Ok--- I have been a busy lady-- what with the coaltion talks and trying to please everyone, but just pissing off most. First, I had to placate the Non-Pedigree Cats Party by offering them two cabinet places; Tourism and Education. They were none too please when I made neil Minister of Human affairs, but they will just have to get used to it. I mean what do they know about humans other than licking the hand that feeds them.
Jasmine is showing her ture colours. She used to be head honcho around here at home, but when we move to Wellington, she has said that she won't come. I have had a thought that maybe we can run things from here in MT Roskill. That will need a few chnages, or should I say--- we might have to run roughshod over a few political foes and friends alike.
I am going to ram through a new law about the lenght of Parliament--- lets face it,  us animals don't live as long as you humans so how about we change the term from 3 years to six months? Don't like it?--- too bad. I can feel the power rush.
 I bet that finds favour with the 'Free Chickens Party

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