Thursday, October 10, 2019

'Sons of Orpheus,' Book One' is coming!

I have indicated many times in the past, that  a book I started nine years ago, Sons of Orpheus, is 'coming.' OK, it has undergone two edits, and it was entered into a Writer's competition, getting into the final ten, but nothing eventuated.
I gave up!
However, my staunch friends at the Thames Writer's Group encouraged me to persist. I can now announce that I have divided the huge book (700 plus pages) into a trilogy. I have extensively rewritten the first book of the trilogy, cutting out superfluous content, and took out some  amazingly 'creative errors.' Hell, I had killed off a major character, then resurrected her, later in the book. Some who had read the first effort thought it was a quirky twist. Lol. Nope! Just me!
I was kind of over the book, but it would not leave me alone. I would go somewhere featured in the book, and the story would pop into my mind. It invaded my dreams. I must get it 'out there.'
I cannot afford the huge cost involved in self-publishing, but I can cope with an Ebook on Amazon.
I have a wonderful group of friends, family and supporters, including a skilful editor, and a clever artist, who is designing, painting a cover, behind me.
I have learned much about publicizing my books, and hopefully, with my new levels of energy and commitment, this book will be out there well before Christmas.
It will only available via Amazon, as an E-book, initially, but if this one does better than ROSKILL and TALK TO ME, I may be able to make hard copy available through Amazon, or by printing it here in New Zealand.
Watch this space, as I start posting 'progress reports,' and giving a few clues about the 'story.'

UPDATE 1/12/19 (12/1/19  Editing almost complete, cover design is done!