Monday, July 23, 2018

Seize the moment ... a lesson most of us fail to learn!

Last year, just before Christmas, we said goodbye to my brother, Jim. He died way too early. At his funeral, I heard many touching stories about how he lived life to the full, always seeking new adventures with his wife Alison. He left behind his beautiful lady and his three children. As one of the six Coleman siblings, it was so hard to send him on his way.

Today we met again, in the same church, the one in which I attended his wedding, 44 years ago. This time we farewelled Alison, surrounding her with the love of family and friends. Alison finally lost her battle, one she fought to the end. I heard of so many incredibly touching moments, about how this couple lived their lives. There was one in particular that made me think about how many chances we let slide by, so many opportunities to live to the full, escape our clutches.

I am sure that I was not alone in feeling that the example Jim and Alison represented, should be held as the gold standard. Grab life with both hands and anything else you can employ to live, breath and enjoy this brief time we have.

Jim and Alison loved to dance. They were experts, attending numerous functions, 'dressing to the nines' and having fun. They ran a nursery in New Plymouth, spending countless hours in the 'potting shed,' pricking out tiny seedlings, preparing them for the markets. There was a radio in that shed, which was probably tuned to a station that played 'their sort of music' ... dancing music! When a song took their fancy, they would down tools and DANCE. Yes ... they seized the moment, never letting an opportunity to move to the tunes ... no audience, other than the critters that scattered and ran as Jim and Alson strutted their stuff. I never knew!

Farewell Alsion. You are with Jim, dancing in the 'Great Beyond.'

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