Monday, August 14, 2017

Coastal Yarns is on my blog---go and read it---FREE!

Yes, I have posted most of Coastal Yarns on my blog (and FB). I shall continue until the entire book is online---for free.
I hope that you search out my other two books,  ROSKILL  and TALK TO ME. 
Please go to my website and click on Neil's Books.  Follow the links to the Kindle AP and download. If you want hard copies, the cheapest way is to contact me at
ROSKILL---the story of a family in crisis when the world of 'P' enters their lives; a story of despair and hope.
TALK TO ME----Nominated for the Ngaio Marsh Crime Writer's Award. TTM is a light hearted 'swipe' at the talkback radio industry. The book will have you wondering, laughing and maybe getting a little angry. Spotl a brave Jack Russell, plays a pivotal role, as only a Jack Russell lover can understand!

If you want more books in the future, please share my post, download or buy my books. Don't forget to leave reviews if you download them from Amazon.
With thanks
Neil Coleman

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