Monday, July 3, 2017

Perdy--the little star in 'Talk To Me,' by Neil Coleman.

For privacy reasons, Perdy changed her name in the book (TALK TO ME) she wrote, using the pen name of--- 'Neil Coleman.' When interviewed by a local radio station, Perdy said, 'I needed to change my name from  Perdy to Spot---yeah I know--not a particularly original name, but hey---notice how so many dogs share the same names. If I had anything to do with doggie-naming, there would be a complete overhaul!'
Perdy claims that the story, although a  bit off the wall, is a true reflection of the talk-back radio industry. She  says that 'humans are creatures of habit, usually misinformed habits and they often repeat past mistakes. Hell---even dogs learn more quickly that if something doesn't work, then change the approach!'
When asked about the 'plot,' Perdy replied, 'Well, I don't want to give too much away, but things get a bit hot for me when Gary, my so-called owner, takes way more heat from his listeners out there in the Lula-land of humans than he would wish for!'
'Go and read it. You will be surprised. You DO KNOW, I hope, that Talk To Me was nominated for the Ngaio Marsh Crime Writers Award.' Sure it didn't win, but I hope to pen another book soon. I just need to sell this book. How?  Go to my website and click on Neil's Books and follow the link. While you are at it, download the other book---ROSKILL or send an email to me (I mean Neil) at and you will get a really good deal for a hard copy.
OK---dinner is ready---Possum Roll----yummmmmmm!'

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