Friday, July 1, 2016

I must be a 'Time Lord! What have ya done to me, Thames?!

Time 'slips, slides,cavorts and dances with me: Yes---that is Thames. One minute I am wandering around by back yard, watching Monarch Butterflies kissing amongst the Poinsettia, which has no business being so verdantly scarlet at this mid-winter season. Then in the next I am stanza, I am transported to a nearby beach, stepping over stones that look like they have once held the promise of gold, only to have my moment splattered by the beat of a thousand wings as the Oyster Catchers flee the sight of a frustrated jack Russell, who wants nothing more than to 'be amongst them! Then---time stands still why I fritter the day away, chatting with strangers, on-leash to their beloved four-legged children; that is until we are collective reminded that another 'plane' awaits us---further down the beach. None of the inhabitants of this kingdom seem to be wearing watches; none of them have that look that imprisons--the----'I need to be somewhere else,' look. A flick of the psyche, takes one to a warm kitchen, where the waft of tonight's dinner escapes the slow-cooker, promising a comfort equalled only by the clink of cutlery, as he table is set for repast to follow. The Time Lord moves again, gently transitioning the subjects to the front sitting room, where a fire awaits------time becomes-----slips past us and melds into day's end. I think---I must have done other things--I must have gone places--or was that yesterday by the babbling brook or the shady bush?!

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