Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Coastal 'produce!' Hopefully that is what I shall serve you!

From time to time, friends drop in to my rustic little home in Tararu, Thames. I love making them a cuppa, or a coffee. If they time it right, there will also be a meal awaiting. I have made some other 'discoveries,' whilst searching for a ball, that Perdy had failed to retrieve, because she was 'otherwise engaged,' chasing after some other exotic beast or fragrance. Amongst the growth, it is me who makes these discoveries. I have been informed that what I thought were tomatoe plants, that had sprung up at the end of summer, only to fall prey to the vagaries of the weather, will actually survive the mild Tararu winter.I have been reliably informed by a very knowledgeable neighbour, that these tomatoes will be true to form and that they are 'Heritage' varieties. I must say that they look pretty damned healthy and the one frost we sort of had, did nothing to impair their growth. I guess that means that when spring arrives. they will have a head start. I look forward to an early harvest. I have chillies and capsicums, still producing, albeit it at a slower rate, but I intend to leave them and plant a few more just to be sure of a bountiful harvest later on. There are mnay fruit trees that are already just about to burst into blossom. I will check out some safe sprays to ensure a healthy and pest-free product. The fruit bowl will hopefully match the largess of the veggie garden. If the garlic sprouts are anything to go by---then I shall not be visiting the fruit and veggie shops very often. Roll on 'productive season!'

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