Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Some people thrive at the bottom of the pit---they prey on those who are vulnerable---if we let them!

Just over three years ago, I underwent Bariatric Surgery, in order to gain a 'tool' to change my life. I was heading for a grave that was not ready for me. I wont go into details about the process as I am sure you can Google the procedure to find about about it. I attribute that operation to saving my life, especially given more recent events, that had I not had it, things would have 'gone south!' Within a few months of the operation, I formed a support group on Facebook. I called it--- Bariatric Support Group---simple enough name, eh! Initially, the group was for those in NZ, but very quickly it 'expanded' and now most of the members are in the USA. That's fine, because all of the members are united by a common theme. We support one another with our words, our very different journeys and yes---the love.WE never 'tell' other what they must do, we just let one another know how we handled a situation, be it with a doubting partner or re a fear. We know that we are all different, and it is that diversity of personality, of situation and of health needs, that lends a richness to the stories we tell. I am sure people have met as a result of 'meeting on the site.' Our membership at this time is now over 230! BUT---we have attracted the interest of some devious people---who would prey on us with bogus offers of help,sometimes 'financial ' in nature. It is relatively easy to see that their constant badly written offers are bogus or at the very least, dubious in nature. We collectively say to these people---'leave us alone. We support each other via our words and thoughts. That is enough!'Fell free to contact me if YOU want to set up a support group, and maybe I can save you some 'grief re the people who would 'prey on us, instead of praying for us!'

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