Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday?----Tuesday---hey this is the 'COAST!'

There is a strange readjustment going on for me re knowing or even caring what day it is! I woke up this morning and thought---'today the handyman comes, because he told me he would three days ago. Somewhere, in my conscience, I knew it was Tuesday, but that in itself seemed unimportant. Yes, I was aware the tomorrow (Wednesday) I shall be travelling back to Auckland to see three clients---yip---that's work for the week, followed by some more days on the coast----not Thursday, Friday and whatever comes after that---just more days, walking the dog, contemplating setting up the garden and walking the dog, reading, walking the dog---get the picture. Am I bored? Hell no. Hey, I can always go into town, lose my car again, and chat away the day. before planing a lovely dinner----oops---I forgot----the other day we broke our stupid ceramic top stove and had to order a new one----no, not another ceramic top, but a conventional one that actually has control that operate between simmer and full----not just full bloody on! Mind you, cooking here is an adventure too: Remember all of those purchases from 'As Seen On TV?' Well, they really are coming into force as I employ them to cook tasty offerings. I have the storage here so I actually know where they are. In case you are wondering: There has been a distinct lack of 'political ravings' of late! Do not despair. They will be back, as I adjust to this more gentle pace of life, I am sure that my 'true self will emerge and combine again with the 'outside world.' Just hang in there for me and I will balance my outlook between the Coast and the other shires---eventually---when I feel like it!What day is it --now?---who cares.

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