Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bariatric support group---3 plus years on.

Just over three years ago, I had a procedure to give me a 'tool' to control my burgeoning weight issue. My doctor told me at around that time, that I would possibly not reach the age of retirement. I was working through (That's a nice way of say 'self-inflicted) a range of health issues, including: Sleep Apnea, High blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes. I did not realize this at the time, but I also had Atrial Fibrillation, something that has reared its now controlled head, more recently. So, in a sense I had the Full House, re health issues and I was just 63 years of age. Why didn't I do something about it,' you say. Well-----I did. You name the diet, the gym and the 'help' I paid out copious amounts of money, almost as much as the weight I continued to pile on after each 'effort' to relive me of the globular fat tissue! I helped to balance the bank accoutns of mnay businesses, as I followed what for me was an impossible dream. To those again who say, I was weak, or 'what goes in muct be balanced by what goes out,' I say---pull your head in! There is plenty of evidence that I am sure some of my lovely readers can point us to, that suggests that mnay people are on this treadmill of 'yoyo dieting' and that they are doomed to failure. I know---that flys in the face of those of you you who attend many hours a week at the gym, following strict regimes, that most of us, either do not have the time, money or the 'make-up to follow. Good on you---if it works for you----go for it. I admire your resolve, but for the rest of us---- we need----well, let's speak for 'me,'-----I needed an 'intervention,' and that eventually came in the form of Bariatric Surgery.I agonized about this procedure---for just a few days. You see---I had done all the thinking for several years and the 'suggestion;' a very strong one, from my doctor was just the culmination of bringing to the fore of what I had struggled with for all those years. I could not tap into the excellent Public health system in New Zealand, that funds this operation for those under 50, but I was able to partially use the health insurance I had at the time. (I cancelled it, once they put up my premiums, post operation) I 'extended my mortgage, by around the cost of a new car---a really cheap one, (the operation cost about $NZ18,000) and 'invested' in the life-changing procedure. After the operation, I decided to start a Bariatric Surgery Support Group on Facebook. It stared slowly, mainly with NZ members. Then the USA kicked and and numbers grew. Now that we have almost reached 200 members (I suspect that by the time this is posted---we will cross the line and head for our first 1000!) it seems that the sky is the limit. I am floored by the wonderful support you all provide each other. I love the way you reach out, encourage, answer questions and 'be there' for one another. Long may that ethos continue. This is the place for verbal hugs, and where possible--to meet. Those of you who are about to undergo the operation, need support as there is a risk involved, albeit it a fairly small one, and there are complications at times. Above all---it is NOT a cure---it is a tool, whereby we can achieve some 'control' back in our lives. Let's keep this special group going. Love to you all.

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