Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Zealand's free medical support system---fantastic---yes---mostly!

One often hears a great deal about Obama Care and how large 'interest groups' fight the President to make sure it does not get fully implemented. It seems that money rules in the USA, leaving mnay without adequate support in their times of need. This is so wrong in what we are often told is the world's strongest economy. It comes down to who controls the purse strings leaving many without help.The situation in New Zealand os vastly different and except for some issues re access to elective surgery and some regional access issues, we have a very much better system, supported by taxation and the general public. Yes, there has been a move to more privatisation but it is still a system that is there when you need it. Like most people, NZers sometimes complain about high taxation, but it is times of crisis that we see the benefits of our health support system. I have used it twice over the last few weeks, re some heart issues and a loved one receive immediate support last nigh and is on the way to recovery. It makes me want to 'shout out loud' about retaining this system---even extend it, but that can only happen of we accept that the expense must be met via taxation. There may be other models, but they favour the rich. In NZ we have always had pride in out more equitable system, not just for health, but also for education and other social support. I will only support politicians who espouse such beliefs. The threat from the 'right' in recent years is one that must be resisted, or we face a future, not dissimilar to that of so many USA citizens. Stand up for our hard won benefits, KIWIS!!! We live is a fantastic country.

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