Saturday, December 19, 2015

Donald Trump---what the hell is he?!

Donald Trump continues his march towards winning the GOP nomination for President. How is it that he can be considered a serious candidate, given some of his appalling utterances? Without a doubt he is a threat to the other wannabes, attracting a wide range of support form sometimes, quite different elements of the political spectrum. Perhaps that is his 'appeal'---he is not perceived as a politician; well not in the traditional sense. Some call him a populist, others a 'voice that is not heard amongst mainstream candidates, seen as a 'chaos candidate' by others, the 'truth-sayer' by yet another group. It is almost like he has collected together all of the concerns and fears of different sectors of US society, rolled them up into a ball and served it via the media, which in itself has a 'love-hate' relationship with him. Hell, even Fox News has issues at times with him. It would be very dangerous for his opponents, both within his own party and his Democratic Party competition to write him off. He seems to find the soft spots of a huge section of 'ordinary,' yes sometimes, ill-informed' American opinion, and play to it, in the way that only Trump can do. He is sensationalist, downright ignorant re some of his 'issues,' but always with en eye on the reaction of his audience. He is prepared to face down his audience, give the finger, get down and dirty, tell lies and half lies. He takes arrogance to a whole new height, while breaking all the rules re debates and 'normal' pathways to the p[residency. Perhaps his appeal says much about the electorate. That he is possibly prepared to 'go it alone,' says much about how he sees himself. Perhaps he is still locked up in the 'game' he became even more famous for---his anger, his passion, his rudeness and shear -showmanship. Those qualities when kept in 'balance' actually work for many politicians, so he has just stepped up the game to make it fit into modern, media driven, populist American politics. Once again---what does this say about the USA today? Will 'thinking Americans actually come to the fore, register to vote and turn out on the day, to stop this man's race to the White House?! Only time will tell. In the meantime, Trump will continue to 'blame, shame and try to sell his 'policies' to the masses!

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