Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Syria is damaged, big time--in every way.

It would not be hard to use the description, 'failed nation,' to describe many nations at the moment, Syria being an obvious example.One can use various 'lenses' to explain why this has happened to this ancient nation. You as a reader will not need to look far on a range of 'platforms' to find explanations, albeit ones that are penned, according to the 'writers' opinions. I am thinking of the consequences--for Syria's future, if not the immediate present. Many hundreds of thousands of Syrians are on the move, fleeing from an intolerable situation in their country of birth. They have suffered from a despotic leader, civil war between a myriad of groups, all claiming to represent the aspirations of Syrian people. Outside influences, not the least being the 'interests' of the usual suspects (USA, Russia and Iran) played out on the mess that the Middle East has been for hundreds of years, whether it be from colonial empire building or economic imperialism, all have played their part. Now throw in the specter of ISIS, with its particular take on the region and you have a cauldron of suffering, discontent and unrealized aspirations for the people who live in the region. Families and individuals flee, to wherever they can, seeking peace and some sort of economic future. That they head for Europe should not come as a surprise. Many would say, that it is just a reverse of what has happened in the past! Take a closer look at the 'refugees, in particular from Syria, take a measure of who it is that is leaving and I am pretty sure that large numbers of middle class, educated, skilled Syrians are fleeing their country. They take with them any hope for a rebuild of Syria, by Syrians (with massive help) and leave an even more 'depleted' country. Would they return? Have other mass movements of people form war-torn countries returned to their homelands? Is it too late to save Syria? It is if the EU, USA, and other 'players' in the regions and beyond, do not speak from the same page.What is happening in Syria will be replicated in neighboring countries, spawning other groups like ISIS. The world is at a tipping point, not just re these issues, but other climactic/environmental crossroads and what we are seeing in Syria could well be the most threatening point in history. Sorry for feeling pessimistic, but feel free to point out where I am wrong! I would love to have my mind changed. In the meantime, lets help these people. It is not their fault!!!

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