Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ex Kiwis---Kwassies, or whatever you wish to be----read and share my blogs!

This is a call to all Kiwis, ex-Kiwis or whatever name you choose------I need you. I need you to spread my blog, my website and links to my books. Heck---there are enough of you there, although I hear many of you are coming back to your roots, back here in NZ! If you have been reading my blogs, you will no doubt have connected with some, agreed with a few and downright wanted to 'sort me out' re some of them. I'd like to say, I never meant to offend, but in some cases that would be a big lie, beyond the legendary black stump, a step too far. NZ and Aussie share much, many attitudes but there are some great dividers, not all related to sports. So---keep reading, sharing my blogs, downloading the eBooks and better still pushing my books. Just go to my website. I need this in order to write some more. I am 'do it yourself' publisher of my works, so it I need all the people power on my side, particularly Kiwis in Aussie. Cheers!

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