Friday, May 1, 2015

#IACCUSEJOHNKEYOF__At the end of the day!

Of late, many NZers and increasingly those overseas who have had the 'pleasure' of meeting PM, have had to suffer that much overused 'introduction'---AT THE END OF THE DAY--- to yet another announcement or explanation for some weird behaviour the latter has perpetrated. He bored us to death during the election campaign that he won, indication that Kiwis are devils for punishment, or they just don't give a stuff. OOK, he won the election but the vestiges of his many 'uses' of that phrase continues to linger. So many others have taken it up and now every time In hear it I want to head for the dunny! Hardly an interview goes by without the dreaded utterance been thrust upon us. IN itself, there is nothing wrong with it, but day after day, it seems to be a reminder of what we failed to do---send the bugger to Hawaii, his other home. Oh well, at the end of---FECK---now I'm doing it. OK--send me to Hawaii until he arrives!

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