Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#PONYGATE may be a 'silly label' but there is a very serious side to this!

Prime Minister John Key is embroiled in a stupid, silly, bullying, ‘sinister’ situation that is entirely of his own making. It is about his behaviour towards a waiter, whereby he repeatedly pulled her pony tail; this after several ‘indications,’ that the waiter was uncomfortable with his actions. Of course there has been a subsequent furore in the media, both in NZ and overseas, much of it of a fairly light manner, which in itself in my view is lessening the seriousness of the action. At the very least, it makes NZ look like a backwater nation, with a leader who is a clown and more seriously challenged our much vaunted position as a nation that can be proud of its leaders and the behaviour they exhibit towards their people. Many NZers are NOT surprised at this latest craziness from John Key, but it also has to be said that for many, it still does not decrease his alleged popularity to a segment of NZ’s population. The reaction from within NZ has been across the board, with some putting it down to just a silly, even funny action on the part of the PM, right through to those who would demand his immediate resignation. It seems that he just doesn’t ‘get it,’ that his actions, throw-away comments, do not represent the stance that a politician, albeit a “Leader” should take. John Key is supposedly one of the most powerful persons in New Zealand. It is that position of power that he has ‘abused,’ and it is this factor that makes me most uncomfortable. How could a waiter, possibly paid at the lowest rate of pay, with very little power, going to be able to stop a man so powerful, to desist in his actions? The power imbalance is obvious and to those who say, ‘she should have taken stronger action,’ I say---get real. People in positions ‘at the bottom,’ do not challenge abuses of power unless they are a very strong personality type. John Key’s apologies do not ring true. I do not think that he has accepted that he was very wrong re his bullying school boy behaviours. It is not the first time and ‘sadly for his victims,’ it will not be the last, Unfortunately, the NZ public will not get to show their displeasure in a meaningful manner, unless of course, other events in the political world throw up something else that will demand a ‘re-look’ at who would lead us!

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