Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Optifast---some comments.

It is now two years since I had my Bariatric Surgery and so far---everything is just fine. My health, outlook on life and energy levels are great. I have noticed lately that there have been quite a few hits on my blogs where I had mentioned Optifast, so I thought I would make some comments about that ‘phase’ of my journey. When I embarked on this new direction in my life (I was 120 Kilos, and only 1.70 m tall and heading rapidly for an early grave with all of the attendant health issues, the least being Diabetes type 2. Once I had decided to go the Bariatric Surgery way, I had to prove that I could be disciplined enough to be able to cope with e pressures. The surgery was ‘key-hole’ and the operation is less risky if some weight-loss has occurred. There are several options re the product and I am not pushing any one in particular. All would do the trick if the direction are followed. I was advised (maybe there is a hook-up between the ‘suggestor,’ and the manufactures, much like I suspect that doctors are well into ‘rewards’ for being loyal prescribers of certain and products, but that’s another story that I am not going into! I think USANA products would work just as well. I went with Optifast. Three weeks prior to the operation I lived on the bars, drinks and some soups. I quickly tossed the latter because I hated them. I was also aloud to have steamed veggies with any condiment of my choice. Boring---bloody boring, but I had an end goal. I got to like the bars and drinks, but I yearned for something ‘savoury.’ My weight loss was fast---13 KGs in three weeks. I was told by some people---‘why don’t you just stay on it and avoid the operation—hell you would save NZ$18,000 because being over 50 it is not free!’ ‘Come on,’ I said, ‘do you really think you could stay on that regime?!’ Got the point? So---I found that Optifast did the trick. It got me into the right frame of mind, gave me the will and motivation to extend my weight-loss and achieve my ultimate goal towards reclaiming my life. After the operation, I occasionally used one of the Optifast products, simply for convenience, but as our esteemed leader so often says, ‘At the end of the day,’ there’s nothing like the real thing---food that looks like food and is enjoyable n every sense!

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