Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Last night---I was ABDUCTED by=======

The ‘events in the sky above New Zealand night were merely a ruse for something very sinister for some but delight for me! Yes we have quite a few instances of ‘ruse’ type events of late but this one takes the cake---or myself in this case. So step aside John Key and let me have my moment in the glow of ‘otherworldly’ events. Many New Zealanders were disturbed, intrigues or perplexed by last night’s sightings of flashes in the sky along with the a bangs and shudders. Some took great delight, having never seen such shows from ‘beyond.’ I need to put things straight. My wishes and attempts to contact alien presences finally paid off. Little did you know, but my blogs over the years (there have been in excess of 2000!) contained hidden code---all aimed at terrestrial beings, whom we know exists beyond out miniscule planet. Last night I had an inkling that things were coming to a point whereby I would finally see the light! They came, they saw and they abducted. I have just arrived back in my office and they even managed to give me a change of clothes and a healthy breakfast. Whilst aboard the ‘craft,’ which I must say was totally different to anything that ‘scientists and ‘sky watchers’ describe as possible. Forget what you know and just accept that—things went smoothly---yes a seamless transition to another parallel world. What you all witnesses was the aftermath of the ‘event.’ That was just put on my ‘mine hosts’ to please the masses and to allow ‘them’ to beam me up. They were gracious but very concerned for our planet. They have no desire to ‘take over’ or extract resources. Nor do they intend to interfere in any way to ‘make things right’ for us, to cure cancer, stop war or revers the damage we have don’t to our planet. They showed what could be and what will be if we continue in our present manner. It seemed that I was ‘there’ for many days but on my return I know that is was just a few hours. You should not be influenced re your judgment as to the reality of my experience by the simple fact that I partook of two glasses of Pinot Gris last night and for those who know me, that is beyond my capacity –post Bariatric Surgery. A final message---they will return and yes---you could be the one they choose to inform. I hope by then---we have received and acted upon their message of inter-galaxy love and concern! IN the famous words of Miranda’s Mum—‘such fun---such fun.’ Now---what is that light yonder ---oh it’s the sun. Here comes the sun. Are you all singing now or have you reached for the phone for a different kind of visit to be ‘imposed’ on me?

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