Sunday, February 8, 2015

50 shades of grey---well it was, in my books!

While I was driving home from work today, I recalled a conversation at work about the upcoming movie, '50 Shades of Grey.' I giggled a bit and anyone passing me on the SW Motorway, probably assumed there was a self-talking nutter in the car---me. It's not a movie that I particularly want to see; not because I am a prude and don't like a bit of 'risqueness,' but because I would more than likely laugh so much in the wrong places, that I could be escorted from the theatre. As I headed towards the Mangere Bridge, I was suddenly struck by the huge sky---the total 'greyness' of the vista, the incredible variation on a grey theme. The almost white-kissed clouds at the base of the panoramic pile, that gradually 'transmorphed' into a more 'middling grey,' only to be outdone by the next layer, one which claimed a true coloration, then totally outdone by an angry dark grey, almost black 'big-top,' certainly not one from the circus. There were no clowns in this ring. I fully expected the sky to open up----not too dissimilar to the day I witnessed two water spouts over the Manukau, a few years ago. I shuddered at the thought of passing beneath that behemoth of nature. I need not have worried. The big grey sky seemed to melt away and before I knew it, I was heading up the hill, just minutes away from picking up Perdy, who would be welcoming me home, demanding that she too could run beneath the clouds, down at the Bay.

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