Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Orere Point, a new regional park and rainbow dolphins sighted on Onehunga Bay!

What a day!---so far, and there are quite a few hours to go. I started with a morning walk down at the 'bay, then off to pick up my sister, before heading off to check out the Orere Point Top Ten Holiday Park, with the view to assessing whether it could be a possibility to have a caravan; one which could include Perdy on my visits. We stopped at a little park in Clevedon, so Perdy could have a stretch and a swim in the river. She loved it and was ready to take on the world after her cool dip. We arrived at the Orere Point Holiday Park in the tiny settlement of Orere Point. In the past my brother and his partner had a caravan there and I have some fond memories of that, along with going to the 'Point' as a younger guy to visit my old mate, Phil Goff. I met the friendly 'Camp Mother,' Stephanie, who made me feel really welcome. It transpired that one needs to buy an existing caravan along with the attached decking and little extra building and pay a fee for each year. It is 'DOABLE!' I took Perdy for a walk around the well established grounds and visited the water hole. Perdy can swim there, except for January (and XMAS). I am very attracted to taking the next step. The beach is great, fishing and nearby attractions--all fit well with me, but I am a bit concerned that there is no cell phone signal that is reliable in the camp, but that will not stop me from going ahead. There is a net café, for want of a better word, so one doesn't need to feel totally 'separated.' I do need such services as I wish to spend a good deal of my 'down time,' wherever I go, writing and blogging. There may be ways around those issues. Here's hoping that the area gets a 'connection.' OK---time to take ,'her majesty,' Perdy not my sister, who has never claimed royal connections, to the beach. Perdy took one look and was off into the water, chasing he ball that I had not even thrown. However, events did eventually synchronise, and it was all on for a manic few minutes. She took a few dips in the fresh water in the river mouth and demanded I throw and cast until she said---'enough!' Time to leave. We said goodbye to the Point" and time will tell whether it is right for me. It is not yet decision time. On the way back to town, we stopped for lunch at Kawakawa Bay to have the packed lunch Janice had brought. Delicious! Then, on to discover a new Regional Park, just over the hill from Kawakawa Bay. What a 'picture in the painting;' fabulous views over the gulf. When it is finished, if ever such a work of nature is possible, then it will be a real jewel in the crown, of regional parks. We were back in he madness of Auckland before we knew it; the crazy motorway and then---tranquillity again, down at MY bay. The tide was fully in and yes---Perdy was once again playing 'mer-dog,' chasing her ball and the incredible rainbow dolphins! Don't believe me?--=-check out the picture. Go figure. What a wonderful world--if we se let it!

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