Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ed likes your latest 'collection!'

I am sure many of you have heard Ed's last big hit online, the radio or wherever! I kept hearing it and it got to me---in a nice way---it moved me--in a nice way. NICE---wrong word. I actually went out and bought his latest offering and I have not stopped listening. Nah---I didn't download it or get it from the 'cloud.' I don't understand those concepts. I just wanted to own it--in real format. Hell, I would have got it on vinyl if I had to! What is it about this dude's music. He is a 'rapper with a flow' as he says---sort of! None of the gangster stuff or words that I can't hear because of the 'slangsta' shite! NO---what gets me about his 'flowing-rapping' style is that I can relate, understand and enjoy--the words. Then he comes out with a beautiful 'easy on the ear' song. 'I don't know or care what the genre is---I just frecking like it! Even my Jack Russell listens and likes it. How do I know that?---why she talks to me of course. SO---Ed--- You are the 'man' and I love your music, your style! That's saying a lot from an oldie---hell I shall be a pensioner next year! That doesn't mean that I have to act like one! Now---you other older farts---get out there and listen to this guy--ED SHEERAN.

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