Sunday, December 7, 2014

Kids just love to play--that's why I am a kid!

That is a very misleading heading. It was just a ploy to grab your attention. If you have stopped reading, then I have failed! Today is the first of two whereby a teacher mate of mine and I took 14 wonderful young ladies from James Cook High School to the Servilles Hair dressing school. Their behaviour and enthusiasm was exemplary. Many, out host and mentor was so welcoming, how could the students feel anything but included and respected. Mandy had the students so involved in the activities, that time just flew by. They learned how to wash and condition hair, create clever pony tails along with some other secrets of the trade. Tomorrow they get to have their hair done, along with the two staff. God knows what is in stall for me. With a wedding to attend, I suspect that it may be 'dramatic! I can't wait for day two. Here are some pictures of me fooling around and the surrounding buildings. OH---I chucked in a few of Perdy too. I bet she would love to have her 'hair done with all the extras. Can I bring her in, Mandy?

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