Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spur Winged Plover is the name of the Jack Russell scarer!

Perdy is a lucky Jack Russell who gets lots of walks down at the Onehunga Bay. She delights in cavorting in the mud, the water and amongst the long grass; especially that which has taken over the area beyond the fence line. She loves to jump about as she explores the possibility of other ‘life forms,’ namely rats, mice and God knows what. She shoots off under the fence and no matter what I say, she does not willingly come back until she has had her fill. OK, if I get really annoyed and go back to the car and start the engine, she skulks back to me. I haven’t been too worried by this as I am not often in a hurry. When I am---well the blood pressure probably goes up! It seems that a solution to her escaping and not coming back has arisen in the form of some new inhabitants of the ‘grasslands.’ A few weeks ago I noticed that there were some new birds down at the Bay. They were not like the Pukekos that Perdy loves to chase and be chased by. They were not like the gulls that take wing as soon as Perdy is unleashed. NO---these ones set up a guttural screeching and rose above us, then dive bombed an unsuspecting Perdy. Perfect, I thought—Perdy had finally met her match---and then some. There must be some sort of primeval instinct that takes hold and Perdy hates it. She does not like being attacked from above. Back she came, scuttling under the fence, with her tail well and truly clamped between her legs. ‘Let’s go Dad, ‘she implores while I laugh at her. Thanks, Spur Winged Plovers. You have put my monster in her place!

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