Friday, August 15, 2014

I am open for business--my new office! Clinical supervision and a place to 'write.' A home for ROSKILL?

Yes, I am 'up and running,' so to speak. My new office, built by my 'old school' neighbour; you know the ones, who really know their stuff. Thanks John; you are 'legend.' You have built me a truly 'all purpose little room; one suitable for the occasional 'stay over, when too much has been consumed, or ready for my clients who are seeking clinical supervision. It is also a peaceful place, so long as I let Perdy in for therapy reasons and not for her 'destructive manic and exploratory sojourns!' Yeah, I know, she will wheedle her way in, within that endearing tilting of the head that is impossible to ignore. I want to acknowledge the skill of my dear cousin Barbara and the encouragement from my sister, Janice and also from my partner who is quite capable of expressing an opinion when I go down the wrong road vis-à-vis décor. There will be a few more personal touches and that will happen as an when the opportunities arise. I do not want to have all my books stacked up for too long. They 'need top sell, so help me out and rid me of the 500 that are stacked out of sight on the shots online. I hope to sell some at the upcoming School Guidance Counsellors' Conference that is going to be held at Waipuna Lodge from the 3-5th of September. I shall have a stand there. Also the article in MiNDFOOD (Sept, 2014 edition, pages 44-45) may help, along with some scheduled radio interviews (dates to be confirmed) Roskill is available on my website of course or directly from me. or

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