Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Free range eggs are great---as long as they are what they say they are!

The news today that Northland egg producer was charged and sentenced for duping us re the authenticity of his 'free range'eggs should come as no surpirse. Indeed in his contrite statement, he claims that many other farmers are doing the same. That sounds a bit like a driver claiming that he 'wasn't the only one speeding,' when pulled up by the police! THis affiar does bring into question the point that most of us probably couldn't tell the difference between 'caged eggs and free rnage' one and that we trust the labelling on these much more expensive eggs.Try doing a blind tatse test sometimes and see what yu come up with. Now there's a good idea for your next 'fundraising breakfast.' This all makes you wonder that claims that other organic , or 'fresh,new season' products are also honestly labelled at the point of sale. Most of us go abaout our shopping blieving these claims.Maybe we are going to see people cracking a few eggs or taking abite out of fruit in our supermarkets. ONe thing for sure is that the people in charge of 'bying for our large food stores, are going to be very careful in future. The last thing they want to see is the floor covered with 'tested product.' I guess I better be careful here, eh, or I shall be charged with encouraging public disorder! Come-on guys---do the right thing! I love my eggs, but I want to be sure that the chooks have has a happy life.

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