Friday, August 22, 2014

Ethiopia joins the list of countries reading my blog----welcome.

I often wonder how some readers find my blog. Is it via a search that is meant for something else and the 'newbie' stumbles upon my post, or is it as a result of 'word of mouth,' the latter being my preferred belief. Either way, Ethiopia is most welcome. I would love to have a two way conversation with my readers, but it seems that most of you are 'content' (or not) to read and move on. I want to hear from you, either about my 'opinions' or books, of you have downloaded them. The post I write are meant to 'entertain, to stimulate discussion and possibly to inform those who wish to know about 'events' happening in New Zealand. Of course, I do not limit myself to NZ issues only; I also express an opinions re 'world events' and I am always happy to have my mind changed, if you express an alterative view that 'moves me.' So----Hi---Ethiopia and let's hear from you.

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