Sunday, August 17, 2014

China is chasing the UK re hits on my blogs.

Unless something unusual happens, China will overtake the UK re hits on my blog this week. I find that fascinating, but at the same time one must take into acocunt the fact that there are probably millions more poeple speaking English in China thatn in the UK. There is a new trend in China to look beyond its borders and I would like to believe that chinese people are reaching out to experience life 'outside.' That they can gain snippest of infirmation about life in NZ fomr my blogs is something that I take pride in and I welcome my Chinese readers. Reaching out is by far the best way in which to lessen international misunderstandings and can only have good results. That I would like my Chinese friends to download my books is also a reason for me to encourage the increase in hits on my site, so---go for it China and the UK--don't foget me!

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