Thursday, July 3, 2014

Snippets from New Zealand.

What’s making headlines in New Zealand today? Just a few snippets, folks. 1) It seems that Kiwis are playing a part in unravelling the great mystery of the planets---The Big Bang Theory or what? Yes another ‘Earth-like ‘ planet has been discover a few 100,000 light years away and apparently in ‘space terms,’ that’s real close. Given that there are billions of stars and plenty of systems out there, it’s nice to know we played a part in bringing one to the world’s attention. OK, the temperatures on this little number may not give you comfort—but, hey---we may not be alone. Talk about ‘six months in a leaking boat’ to get to NZ back ‘then’ will pale into oblivion compared to the time needed to travel to our---- ‘nemesis?’ 2) There was a time when it actually took time to bully someone—you know the rumours, the whispers and the innuendos took effort and time to ramp up unit the recipient heard that ‘someone didn’t like them ‘ or was calling them terrible names. ‘If something ‘bad’ happened to you, it could be weeks until your parents knew anything about the ‘incident,’ but how things have changed. With the advent of social media---news travels in a flash as does the propensity to ramp things up. A dangerous side emerged over the drunken assault of three young ladies in Dunedin the other day. Now the girls are being revictimised as people threaten them online. Cowards at least and low-lives to boot. Not everything about progress is good! 3) This week saw the news that the Malaysian employee at the embassy who has been accused of some nasty behaviours, has asked that his ‘return to New Zealand’ be delayed until the end of Ramadan. My understanding of this practice does not include such ‘rights.’ Is he just delaying the inevitable, now that New Zealand and Malaysia have worked their way through the downright unprofessional manner in which our ‘people’ have handled the mess? I feel mainly for the victim. Get it right Minister! 4) Rolf Harris and his years of historical abuse have been in the news for several months now. He has been convicted but not yet sentenced (at the time of writing) but we are hearing that his abhorrent behaviours have many more victims, some in New Zealand, including a prominent Government MP. That he was able to silence his victims, merely by his presence and assumed ‘fame’ is intolerable. He will go down! 5) The son of the Maori King has been in the news. He has been stupid! OK, his actions are those that many young people enact as they struggle to grow up, but in his position as a potential heir to his father’s ‘crown,’ has evoked a great deal of angst. Balance is needed here and the facts line up to support the actions of the judge and the manner in which he will be handled by his own people will be sufficient. Time to back off and let him face the ‘consequences’ within Maori and to learn from this---while he still can! One does not have to look far to see similar outcomes.

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