Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Snippets from New Zealand--Wednesday 30th July

I know---it's hard to get away from the terrbble events in Ukraine and Gaza. One is like a prison being bombed with the people having nowhere to go and the other a mere 'plaything' for Putin to persue his expansionist policies. Yes, I know that the Ukraine Government is a 'basket case,' and that massive changes need to happen there, if that state is to survive, but unless the UE and the USA make it even more clear to the Russian ex-KGB dictator that he has gone too far, then Ukraine's people will continue to suffer. The situation in Gaza is even worse as the people try to hunker down to avoid the bombs coming out of Israel. OK, Hamas needs to come to the table---both parties do, because there will never be a winner re the path they have taken so far. Israel, the old adage--'an eye for an eye,' does not owork, and Hamas--Israel is a fact--get past that belief that Israel will drop off the planet! In New Zealand we have been enjpying the news from the Commonwealth Games; you know---those quaint games that happen every four years that only the people from the Commonwealth know about. We call them the 'freindly games' becuase for the most part, athletes from about 70 nations and territories gather to have fun and to compete, without mnay of the dramas we see in the olympics. Sure the big players like England and Austrlaia trend to dominate, but smaller nations like NZ get a chance to stand in the sun. As of today NZ has about 29 medals, many of them coming from our cycling team. They have made us very proud and hearing the NZ anthem being played regularly, is a unifying factor for NZers. Hell, we need that---with a very devisive election loooming! Today the Herald reported that a prominent gym has asked meber who are near the front of the sweating exercising 'beautiful people, to only wear certain brands of clothing. This sucks of snobbery and commercial bullying and is so 'un New Zealand.' I hope that members respond in a pracitacl way and turn up in balck gumboots and singelts to match. Mind you, even though I can now actually move again, after my massive weightloss, I very much doubt that I shall be gracing the said establishment, myself. The place---Why---Les Mills of course! New Zealand's premier cult the Gloriavale Christian community is making headlineas again. You know the ones---they all wear the same clothing, the 'elders' teach the kids about the outside world and arrange all marriages. It seems that mnay members have left but the bbirths have more or less made upo for those losses. I uess they are good at one aspect of communal likfe then. How rude, you say. Deal with it or go and join the loving people, east of Greymouth! The NZ Parliament is about to vote on lowering the alcahol level permitted for driving. About time! We still have too mnay people driving under the influence of booze and God knows how many who have partaken other drugs of choice. It's nice to see poloticnas taking the hard chopices; this time devoid of party politics. How about looking at a few other issues my friends--and think for yourself and not be party hacks! www.authorneilcoleman.com

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