Friday, July 18, 2014

Russia--your support of the rebels is tantamount to being guilty of murder!

Nearly 300 people have died because a group of rebels who have chosen to fight the regime in Kiev with unmitigated violence, has led to that horrible fact. I do no dispute the right of people to choose self-determination. I do don't support the process that led to the present government in Kiev holding power. Yes, they had an election and it was possibly more fair than the 'referendum' held in the east of the country that the rebels use as their justification for rebelling against the Kiev Government. Russia has supported the rebel groups and the evidence that they have provided sophisticated weapons to a group who do not know how to distinguish between military and non-military targets is obvious. Putin has supported this action by his complicity, by his determination to return as much territory of the former soviet Union a he can. Mr Putin---do 300 people have to die for you to realize your 'dream?' Once again I state that I am not necessarily in favour of the government of Ukraine but do we have to see more of these deaths? Mr Putin, you have become a mass murderer! No doubt you will intrust RT to espouse your thinly disguised defence and perpetrate yet more lies. Shame on you!

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