Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Danny Watson---thanks mate! ZB Talk Back gave me a boost!

I am no longer a 'talk back virgin.' Today I was listening to Danny Watson on Talk back radio as I was driving. He had the topic of dieting/'exercising, versus pills and surgery to lose weight. He asked for people to ring in. I rushed home (no I didn't get a ticket!) When I arrived home I immediately rang the radio station and got through to the producer. Hell, I hear some people saying they have been trying for hours or days to get through, so I guess I struck it just right. The guy told me they would ring me back after the news. True to his word a few minutes later I was talking to Danny Watson. I always thought that I would be nervous, but I did not feel that at all. Danny was lovely and he encouraged me to tell my story and half way through I reminded him that I had sent him some copies of my three books. He remembered and then let me push them along with my story. I put my website over the waves and he repeated it later. I thank Danny very much for his kind and generous reception. I shall ring him again, to comment, much like I do on my blogs. OMG---has he unleashed another monster inside me. Watch out talk back radio!

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