Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iraqi army melts away in the face of the Jihadists.

After years of being propped up by the USA and receiving extensive training and equipment, the Iraqi army has simply vanished as the Jihadists take over a second major city. What does tis say about what Iraq's people want and how deeply the Jihadists have penetrated Iraqi society? Does it mean that the medieval preaching's of the Taliban-type 'psychos' have taken root to the point that any alternative tis no longer a viable scenario? Are the Iraqi people so war-weary that they and their institutions have simply given up on any prospect of peace, democracy and a Government free of corruption? How much influence have the actions of the USA and its allies had on this terrible outcome?
We all know who suffers most--- the weakest in this society; the women, children and elderly. While the politicians involve themselves in 'tribal' and semi-religious quarrels and the greed for 'power,' the ordinary citizens seek peace in lands elsewhere. Now we have the prospect of the USA bombing the jihadists back to the sans form whence they came, with the inevitable 'collateral' that goes along with any military response. THERE ARE NO WINNERS in this diabolical battlefield that is Iraq. 

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