Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Iraq---another 'failed USA policy.'

Two more cities have fallen to the ‘extremist or fundamentalist Islamic forces,’ reinforcing the failure of the American led invasion of Iraq. We are now faced with the ‘unravelling’ of a nation as those forces that oppose the Iraqi Government become stronger, not just in that country but in several other failed nations in the Middle-East.
When is the USA going to learn that its ‘armed forces’ are not enough on their own to stabilize a country. When did the intervention on the part of the USA and its ‘friends’ leave behind a fully functioning and successful regime in place? It just doesn’t happen, because the USA and others fail to realise that  ‘their’ ideals’ about what constitutes a ’democracy’ do not fit in most other countries where they try to impose their will. Let’s face it, it is more about big power rivalry than it is for a real humane considerations for what is perceived to be happening in the recipient of USA’s ‘generosity.’
Iraq is heading the way of Somalia and perhaps Libya. If there is no united, international agreement, one that takes into account the situation on the ‘ground,’ in the likes of Iraq, Syria and the list goes on----then interventions are doomed to failure. If we take out the ‘oil and strategic importance of these nations, would anyone even bother to ‘help out’ the regimes that are often little better than the ones opposing them. Add in the ‘religious fanaticism, and what are we left with?  A situation that cannot be resolved by the actions of one power. Unless Russia, the EU, the UN and China are speaking as one, then failure will continue to be the ‘main player.’ Even then, when one is faced with a collection of disparate groups, many believing that their reward lies in Heaven, then that is a hard foe to ‘conquer.’

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