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Yes--click on the above link to download your Kindle (or other reading Ap) of ROSKILL. If you want to read an authentic New Zealand story that so easilly could be in 'your town, your city,' and above all---in YOUR family. What would you do if your partner put your relationship, your family and your finances at risk, because he/she could not resist the 'pull' of an illicit drug. IN this case the demon is 'P' as we call it in NZ, but you may call it something esle, like 'Ice.'
My story is one that represents the dark side of life but it is also a message of 'hope.'
Please review the book, after you have read it and pass on the link to it to your circles and friends. Get in touch with me if you want re 'bulk deals' for the prinited, version.   for the direct link to Amazon download.

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